Have A Headache? Check Your Eyes!


Headaches are common among working people as accumulated stress results in headache and tiredness. Among the many different causes, strain on the eyes is one of the leading reasons for that annoying headache. Taking an eye exam is recommended in case you are having frequent headaches. The issues may not always be related to the eyes, but still, a thorough eye check-up is recommended. Strain in the eye is caused when small muscles present in the eye have to put in more effort than usual. Symptoms include aching, tired eyes with blurred vision and headaches. Such headaches are caused because of the following reasons:

1. Astigmatism
The cornea is in an abnormal shape and causes people to squint when they want to focus, and this leads to bad headaches.

2. Hyperopia
This disorder is also called farsightedness. In the case of this disorder, the images are focused by the eye behind the retina leading to blurred vision and strain upon the eyes. This results in headaches.

3. Presbyopia
This kind of problem occurs when the lens hardens and becomes inflexible with old age. This makes it hard for a person to focus and causes sore eyes along with headaches.

 All disorders or conditions of the eyes can be rectified with the use of prescribed spectacles and contact lenses.

For people already having spectacles, regular eye checkup should be carried out. Your lens power may increase which you are unlikely to notice, so regular check-ups are vital. Other causes Headaches related to eye strain and eye problem can also develop from other causes. They are: 1. Glaucoma, an eye disease, also causes headaches.

This disease is characterized by the development of fluid in the eyes, which in turn causes the internal eye pressure to shoot up. This pressure fluctuation can lead to headaches in many cases of glaucoma. 2. Cataract affected people suffer from headaches as well.

Cataracts develop in individuals due to ageing. The lens becomes cloudy, and the vision gets blurred and slowly diminishes. The eye has to give more effort resulting in eye strain and headaches. Prevention In case you are having headaches, and you are not being able to find out the reason behind it, you should have an eye check up.

Eyes are very sensitive and strain to them causes headaches. People who use computers for long hours are affected by headaches due to eye strain. The best prevention is to have an eye examination and switch to glasses or lenses if required. Headaches are of various kinds and arise from different factors, but eye strain is known to cause a lot of headaches in people who do eye stress involving activities.

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