Accupressure & Aromatherapy: Avert your motion sickness

Motion sickness is a sensation of faintness and dizziness, which usually occurs when you are travelling in a car, bus or train. You may also experience motion sickness when you are in an amusement ride. Pregnancy also makes you prone to motion sickness. Symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, headache, trouble in maintaining your balance. These feelings are triggered when your brain receives mixed signals from the body’s sensory organs. Sensory organs help maintain the body balance. While traveling or on amusement rides, these sensory organs often send mixed signals to the brain, your eyes and ears send the signal that the body is moving, but your leg and feet send the signal that the feet is touching the ground and we are not moving.

For the sensory organs such as legs, movement is defined by the use of the feet. Sitting in the car increases the risk of motion sickness, but driving the car reduces it. While you are driving the car your feet move, and the chances of motion sickness reduce. It does not require any professional diagnosis and is definitely not life threatening. Once you understand how it is triggered you can avoid the whole condition. Face the direction of the car, keep your eyes open and keep the windows of the car rolled down to allow fresh air inside. This way you can avoid the whole condition. But even if these steps don’t help there are various conventional drugs to treat motion sickness. Most of the motion sickness medicines (antihistamines, diphenhydramine, dimenhydrinate) don’t cure the motion sickness, but reduces the diameter of the oesophagus, stopping the vomiting. But the nausea and the headache still remain. So, it is important to heal the condition naturally. Also, giving these drugs to children can be harmful and it not advised. Here are some natural ways which you can treat your motion sickness.

According to a new study, The Journal of Autonomic Neuroscience, there is a point underneath the index finger and in the centre of the wrist. This point is called neo-Kuan (P6). If you firmly press this point with your index finger for four to five seconds, this will give you relief from the motion sickness symptoms.

If you have taken a medicine and are still feeling nauseated, smell of essential oils like ginger and lavender can help with the feeling. You can keep a bottle of it or make a necklace out of it. Both these ways will be effective in giving you relief from motion sickness.

Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea is readily available in departmental stores these days. Keep it in your backpack if you are planning a road trip. Drinking chamomile tea will help cure your stomach ache by relaxing your stomach muscles. This will reduce your chances of vomiting significantly.

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