How to prevent viral fever in this rainy season

There are many viruses which may cause viral fever and presentation may vary in different viruses.
Key points:
  • Viral fever tends to affect children more as they may have lower immunity
  • Proper medication can effectively cure viral fever
  • Cleanliness should be the top priority for the kids and proper cleanliness measures must be taken
  • Viral fever is quite prevalent during this changing season and most of the youngsters are falling prey to it. Viral fever can affect people of any age group but children who have lower immunity are more prone to develop a viral fever. So, if your child complains about high fever or burning sensation in the eyes, headache or vomiting, she might be suffering from viral fever.

Symptoms of Viral Fever
  •  The child may complain about fever which may rise and fall at regular intervals.
  •  The child may also be suffering from fatigue and may complain about weakness, headaches, muscle and joint pains.
  • If your child suffers from a sore throat, chills, and cold and cough as well, then your child may also be a victim of the viral fever.
  • Severe headache, nausea, vomiting are also termed as the symptoms of viral fever.
  • So, if your child complains of any such symptoms, you may seek the help of the doctor and provide him/her requisite drugs for the same.

Causes of Viral Fever

Viral fever is generally a fever which occurs from any sort of viral infection and there may be several reasons behind it. These can be listed as:
  •  A person who is already suffering from viral fever may cough or sneeze openly and spread the viral fever.
  • Moreover, if your child exchanges bodily fluids with a viral fever patient, chances may be that he may also start suffering from the same.
  • At times, insects and other animals carrying viral infection virus may bite you, thereby giving viral fever.

Prevention of Viral Fever

Viral fever can effectively be cured if the proper medication is taken. Children suffering from viral fever can get rid of the infection if some of the measures below are undertaken:
  • Proper rest and drinking plenty of water and fluids can effectively help children and cure viral fever.
  • Parents must ensure that their kids do not visit places where viral fever is prevalent during that time.
  • Moreover, parents should prohibit their kids from staying around other children who are suffering from viral fever as it can be transmitted through sneezing, coughing, yawning.
  • Children should be given proper guidelines to stay away from monsoon rains as well as they carry acidic elements. Children should, therefore, prefer staying indoors in order to stay healthy.
  •  A balanced diet should also be taken to keep children fit. 
  • Cleanliness should be the top priority for kids and proper cleanliness measures, right from using clean clothes to clean towels, must be followed.
  • Children should also be advised to not eat food from outside as they may contain germs which may further deteriorate their health.
  • If your child is suffering from viral fever, he/she must be taught to sneeze properly by using handkerchiefs so that the other person may also remain healthy and safe.
  • If your child is prescribed a specific doctor's prescription, you must ensure that the child does not don't leave the course and follow the entire medication process duly. If the treatment stops midway, the body may create antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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