Solutions to the problems related to menstruation: Keep these things in mind

In the present time, women are seen to be in sync with men in every field.  A woman also carries out relationships and household responsibilities in her life such as daughter, sister, wife, bride, etc.  She is also praised for her bravery in the society today.  However, in modern society, women still face a problem today.  The matter is menses.  Women are not able to discuss freely in society even today regarding periods.  Because of this, their questions regarding the menses cannot be resolved.  Due to incomplete information, women suffer from serious illness.  So let's tell you today about the solution to every menstrual problem.

 What are the menstrual problems?

 Menstruation comes every month.  The onset of menstruation usually begins at the age of 12 and lasts 40 to 45 years.  Women get regular menstruation during this age.  This is a natural process.  In the meantime women also have some problems.  When a young woman enters adolescence from childhood, her body produces a hormone that keeps her body healthy.  This hormone also prepares their body for conception.


 Women face this situation every month.  Some women have less problems at menses and some women have more problems.  Some symptoms occur before menstruation.  Such as mood swings, women get pain in the abdomen, back, pelvis.  On the other hand, some suffer from acne, loss of appetite, fatigue.  With the completion of menstruation, their health becomes normal.

 Women should be careful

 Women can suffer serious illness if they are not careful during menstruation.  During the menstrual period, cleaning and hygiene is essential.  The government also runs special campaigns on it.  Different organizations also run awareness campaigns for women.

 Women should use sanitary napkins during menstruation.  Also use a clean cotton cloth.  Do not exercise for the first two days of the menstrual period, coffee can be consumed at the time of menstruation.

 Give children insight

 To give proper information about menstruation to children from the age of 10 to 11 years.  Explain them properly so that they do not panic at first menstruation.  Equally inform children going to school so that they know what to do if the school gets them first menses.  Giving children a special understanding of hygiene.

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