Suffering from TB: Improve your immune system by a better diet

  • Tuberculosis is a fatal disease and if proper care, treatment are not given to the patient (on time), then it can become a serious problem.

TB is a disease caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis and people with weak immunity are at a greater risk of getting it, (tuberculosis is one of the second largest fatal diseases globally). Adequate rest and medication are required to deal with TB. Tuberculosis treatment is possible, but whenever a patient goes out, should wear masks until they are completely cured. It is to protect from unwanted infections.

Some common symptoms of TB include persistent cough, weight loss, weakness, and shortness of breath. However, the intake of certain foods may be beneficial for TB patients. Let us know what important things a person suffering from TB should include in their diet.


It is very important for a person suffering from TB to eat fruits rich in Vitamin A, E, and Vitamin C like orange, mango, papaya, guava, amla and lemon in their diet. All these fruits are rich in nutrients and beneficial for the TB patient as it helps increase the immunity of the disease.


Garlic is a miracle for TB patients. Two or three buds of garlic should be chewed every morning, this will help eliminate many diseases. Besides, garlic is also effective in treating TB, with allicin present in it having a direct effect on the germ of TB. If garlic is chewed for two-three minutes, then TB can be controlled by it.


Milk is rich in calcium and therefore, it is considered quite beneficial for patients. Milk is rich in protein, so if a TB patient consumes milk daily, it increases their immunity and gives strength to the body. Hence to get rid of the disease quickly, the patient should consume almond milk as it is light, easy to digest and rich in vitamins.

Vegetables and grains

TB patients should include vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and broccoli in their diet as they are rich in antioxidants, which are important to get your health back on track. Also in TB disease, whole grains like cereals such as bread, etc. should be included in your diet. These will not only help calm your hunger but will help you recover faster.

Green tea

If you are suffering from a serious disease like TB, then reduce your intake of tea and coffee and try to include green tea in your routine. Green tea is beneficial in the treatment of TB as it helps to flush out toxins from the body. Apart from these foods, sunlight is very important for the TB patient (because they are deficient in vitamin D), so they should sit in the morning sun and take vitamin D rich foods.

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