Five more medical colleges to be opened in Madhya Pradesh, central government approved

Medical college
There is good news for the state, which is facing shortage of doctors.  The central government has approved last week to open five new medical colleges in the state.  These colleges will be opened in Sheopur, Neemuch, Mandsaur, Rajgarh and Mandla.  Apart from these, 6-7 more colleges are expected to be approved.  It will cost about 325 crores rupees to open a college.

For this, 195 crore (60 percent) will be given by the Central Government and 130 crore State Government.  These colleges will be started by associating with district hospitals.  Its biggest advantage will be that the state will be able to get doctors.  Also, by increasing the facilities in the affiliated district hospitals, patients will also benefit.

 An official of the Union Health Ministry said that approval has been given to open new colleges in several states.  It has approved to start five colleges in Madhya Pradesh at present.  However, officials of the Medical Education Department have denied any kind of permission letter.

Till two years ago there were only six government medical colleges in the state.  Admissions to seven new medical colleges have started in two years.  ABBS has 1870 seats in existing colleges.  Admission to five new medical colleges will also start in about three years.  These will have at least 125 seats.  Later seats will be increased further.  Apart from this, the state government is also trying to start medical colleges in Chhatarpur, Satna and Seoni.

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