Mix this one thing in flour, the constipation will be removed from the root


Talking about stomach ailments, constipation is a very big problem.  If your stomach does not clear up, you will not sleep well.  This remedy is very effective for constipation.
Many people today are suffering from gas and constipation problems.  This is one of the main reasons for your lack of food.  These people love eating junk food, which is also tasty.  However, eating it causes many illnesses.  People resort to many things, from drugs to getting rid of these problems.  If you want, you can get rid of these hassles by mixing a special item into the flour.
Mix one tablespoon of oats powder while making flour one day a week.  This is a food item that is made by mixing many grains.  You can easily find this from the market.  You will get the result the next day.

These are the symptoms of constipation
  • Decreased mouth taste, reduced appetite
  • Dizziness and heavy feeling in stomach
  • Fever, abdominal bloating

What are usual causes of Constipation?
  • The cause of constipation may be reduced drinking of water. At least 3-4 liters of water should be used throughout the day.
  • Many people need to go to the toilet even if they are busy with any work or sleep but they avoid, and leads to constipation problem.
  • Excessive cold drinks and alcohol intake. Eating less though you are hungry eliminates constipation.

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