Ministry of Health urges people to participate in COVID-19 telephonic survey

Ministry of Health, India
The Union Ministry of Health and Family Affairs on Wednesday urged the people to participate in the survey being undertaken to gather feedback from citizens on the prevalence and distribution of COVID-19 symptoms.
"A telephonic survey on COVID-19 is being undertaken where you shall receive calls on your mobile from 1921 number. Please participate in this survey with your information," the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare tweeted.

The survey is to be carried out by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) and calls will be coming on mobile phones from the number 1921.

"The citizens will get a call on their mobile phones by NIC by the number 1921. Participate in good measure to enable proper feedback of prevalence and distribution of COVID-19 symptoms," read a photo attached in the tweet.

The government has asked people to be aware of any other calls by pranksters or calls from any other numbers in the guise of such a similar survey.

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