Know health benefits of saffron

Know health benefits of saffron

  • Saffron is also known as the king of spices. 
  • More than one hundred and fifty such medicinal elements are found in saffron which helps in keeping our body completely healthy.

According to Ayurveda, there are many minor diseases, which can be cured with the use of saffron.  By the way, many properties of saffron have been mentioned in Ayurveda.  Let us know that many such medicinal ingredients are found in saffron, which are helpful in keeping our body perfectly healthy.  In addition, saffron makes foods and beverages (milk) colorful and fragrant.  Five to twenty saffron leaves can be used everyday.  So let's know about its use>>>>

Improves facial glow

Saffron works to make the skin beautiful.  With this use, the face brightens and the color also starts to glow.  To enhance the beauty of the face, saffron is mixed with coconut oil or desi ghee and applied on the face.
Saffron health benefits
Relieves stomach ache
Saffron also acts as a relief for stomach pain.  Grind five grams roasted asafoetida, five grams saffron, two grams camphor, twenty five grams roasted cumin, five grams black salt, five grams rock salt, hundred grams small myrrh, twenty five grams of wavidang seeds, twenty five grams celery together  Keep it in  Whenever you have stomach pain, take half teaspoon of this powder with lukewarm water, stomach pain will be relieved.

Improves nervous system
Saffron is extremely beneficial for the head and nervous system.  Its use benefits from using saffron along with milk, sugar and ghee in paralysis, neurological diseases such as facial paralysis, problems caused by diabetes, persistent headache, numbness of hands and feet etc.

Cancer risk also gets reduced
According to research on saffron, the risk of cancer from saffron can also be prevented.  An element called crocin is found in saffron.  Which prevents the colorectal cell responsible for cancer from growing.  Not only this, the element Crocin reduces the risk of skin cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and leukemia.

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