IMD issues Orange Alert; Cold wave will continue in North India

IMD issues Orange Alert; Cold wave will continue in North India
The winter ordeal continues strongly throughout North India and there is going to be a chilling cold in North India in the coming 48 hours. 
The Indian Meteorological Department has said in its latest update that in the next two days, it is going to be cold in North India, the mercury can go up to 2-3 degrees, so everyone needs to take special care.  However, IMD has said that after December 22, the situation will be slightly better.  It is known that due to the cold, Orange Alert is continuing in many states of the country, including UP, Uttarakhand, MP, Rajasthan and Jharkhand. 

There will be dense fog shadow in Delhi-NCR
There will be dense fog shadow in Delhi-NCR and icy winds will prevail. The same situation is also happening in UP, Bihar.  The Meteorological Department has already said that from December 20 to January 20 this year will be cold.  The department has already said that the temperature in Delhi can reach 2 degrees by the end of December.

 Dal lake froze in Kashmir
 It is known that the temperature of the capital was recorded at 3.9 degrees yesterday.  While the hill station Mount Abu recorded a minimum temperature of 1.4 degrees Celsius.  2.5 degree Celsius in Sriganganagar, 5.1 degree record in Churu, and Dal Lake has frozen in Kashmir.  The mountains are snowing heavily.  The minimum temperature in Kashmir has gone below zero and people are facing the melting cold.

 Chance of light rain
 South India has also recorded a drop in temperature, although several states here have predicted rains during the next 24 hours.  IMD has said that light rains are possible in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Puducherry, Karaikal, and Lakshadweep, although Kerala and Mahe may receive good rainfall.

 Fears of fast mercury falling
 So in the next 24 hours the weather will be cold in Delhi, with cold winds and cold will increase and today there may be rains in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Karaikal, Kerala, Mahe and Lakshadweep, then people in many states of the country are now facing fog  There is a possibility of falling and fast mercury, which will increase the melting.

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